Typhoon Maring

Look what it did to our place. It’s seriously terrifying. It hasn’t been like this for 7 years when typhoon Milenyo suddenly changed it route. We were working from dawn till 2 in the afternoon with no food down our stomachs because there’s no time to spare. I was shaken from sleep by mom to help her carry graduation gowns to their room. When I went down, the water is starting to creep up to our house and we were all in a rush to bring everything upstairs. Adrenaline rush, we were able to lift the big sofa!

What’s happening now is just the beginning of Mother Nature’s rage. Can we slow down a bit with the constriction here and there of subdivisions? The thirst for knowledge on EVERYTHING is somehow causing this massive destruction. Why not channel that thirst into something that will help mother nature regain some strength?





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